Our honey is made from the nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers from across the Cambridgeshire countryside and gardens where we live. The colour of our Honey will vary from season to season and is characterised by the flowers our bees have been foraging on.  It will generally be of a runny rich golden colour or a solid, thick set light yellowish colour.

Different Coloured Honey

We have a wide variety of flowers around us that our honey bees feed on throughout the season and this allows us to create the diverse types of honey available for sale.  These flowers can vary from crocuses and snow drops at the start of the season, to apple, pear and cherry blossom, oil seed rape,  Mexican orange blossom, wallflowers, dandelions, golden rod, lavender, bean, clover, raspberries to name but a few,  normally finishing with ivy at the end of the season.  What nectar the bees have been foraging on determines both the colour and how quick the honey will set.

Honey Bee Collecting Nectar

Our honey is completely natural – it is not treated, blended or processed in any way.  It is filtered 3 times from extraction, allowed to rest in settling tanks and then jarred/bottled in preparation for sale.  Delicious on toast, as a glazing for your carrots/parsnips (or whatever you fancy!) or for use in baking.

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Our surplus honey availability really depends on how good the season has been for the bees. It is very weather dependent and we always allow our bees to  come first, thus ensuring they have sufficient supplies to take them through the winter and into the next spring.  Once we are satisfied there is a surplus we spin off the extra and offer it for sale.  Once stocks are gone, that’s it ’til the following season.

A 12 Oz jar of Barry’s Bees’ spring/summer set honey is £4.50 plus p+p £2.85

A 12 Oz jar of Barry’s Bees’ summer/early autumn honey is       £5.00 plus p+p £2.85

As it is not always economical to buy honey via mail order, if you would like to purchase any of our honey please Contact Us.  We welcome trade enquiries as well as personal customers.